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it's the heart that knows the path. the mind is just there to organize the steps.


Hope to Help Foundation benefits women in Flagler County diagnosed with Breast and Gynecological cancer.  Our mission is to improve and sustain the health and well-being of a woman with cancer by providing emotional support, education and integrating her treatment with holistic services that may provide relief during her recovery and aid in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle after cancer.

  • A message from the founder...

  • The creation of Hope to Help Foundation has been a loving journey inspired by my patients throughout my life as a physician, the women within this community, my own journey and the brave women I’ve met along the way.

    As I reflect upon my own experience, I walked through several dark valleys and the path ahead was unclear, it was there that I found the importance of quieting my mind and to listen to the silence within my heart.  It was a silence that only one going through can understand.  But from within this, you draw an incredible strength that emanates throughout your physical, emotional and spiritual being, one that allows you to take the next step and the next. It is here that you truly learn to know “you” and it is something we must never forget, we earned it and it is ours to cherish.

    So, I bring this Foundation to our community for women with Breast and Gynecological Cancers to offer a way to help her find balance amongst her body, her mind and her soul.  We “hope to help ” by offering compassionate and informative medical education coupled with holistic techniques that help calm the mind, foster strength and inner peace that will allow her to seek and enhance her health and well being as she journey’s through this life altering diagnosis of “cancer” and the “new normal” we are given to cope with after.

  • The Inner Peace and Strength I found,  I wish to share with you.

    Dr. Karen A. Toppi, Founder & Chairwoman
    Founder & Chairwoman
    OB-GYN Associates, Palm Coast

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