How We Help You

Why Hope to Help Foundation

Hope to Help is committed to the thoughtful and compassionate combination of Traditional Medical Treatment and Holistic Services. We work cooperatively with each woman to create an individualized care plan to address her unique needs and help her navigate her journey to health and well-being. Holistic medicine is the art and science that addresses the whole person and uses both Traditional Medicine and Holistic Therapies to prevent and treat disease, but most importantly to promote optimal health. Cancer and its treatments can have a major effect on a woman and those who are close to her.  Therapies such as relaxation techniques, acupuncture, and massage when blended with the best of Medical treatment and science can help an individual manage the side effects of cancer treatment. Social, mind-spirit and physical aspects of health will be explored during consultation.

A woman seeking more information on how our services may benefit her is asked to complete the online H2HF Application
Once your application is received, a woman from the foundation will call you to talk about how we can help you.  Some woman need financial assistance, some women are looking for help getting a wellness plan in place… Every woman’s needs are different, so let us help you navigate your personal healing journey.  (Please see Testimonials from Practitioners and H2HF participants) 

All donations directly benefit the women in Flagler County diagnosed with Breast and Gynecological Cancers.  We make every effort to minimize fixed costs by fostering relationships with local service providers so that we may maximize the services and benefits participants receive.

The Executive Board is represented by well rounded and diverse community leaders committed to the mission and vision of Hope to Help Foundation.  Each member has been invited by Dr. Toppi to serve for a minimum of two years and do not receive payment for their time and services.

Our Advisory Committee, represented by local and industry leaders, bring expert knowledge and insight to the foundation.  These individuals are appointed by Dr. Toppi and offer their expertise without compensation.

Volunteers.  Our community is enriched with individuals who want to support locally and give of their time, talent, trade and professional services.  Through the generosity of our volunteers we are able to minimize expenses and enhance the services that we offer.

Our office is located at:

Hope to Help Foundation
25 Florida Park Drive North, Suite A
Palm Coast, FL 32137