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CrossFit BearCat Fundraiser

October 2015

CrossFit BearCat opened its doors to the Palm Coast community a little over two years ago. The opening was on the heels one of CrossFit’s biggest Fundraiser as a large fitness community spanning the globe. Each October the CrossFit Community world wide raises money in October for Breast Cancer, providing free mammograms to those with little to no insurance.

The owner’s of CrossFit BearCat, Jody Prince and Cathy Mittelstadt, had a different twist to their goal for the annual Breast Cancer Fund Raiser, known as “BarBells for Boobs”.  Their goal was to raise money but they wanted to bring the funds home to their local community. It only made sense to give to a Not for Profit Organization who gives back to their local community.  They chose Hope To Help Foundation, founded by Dr. Karen Toppi for several reasons.  The main reason was Dr. Toppi’s holistic approach to helping not only the patent but bringing the caretaker along as part of the healing process. Although Dr Toppi went through her own journey with Cancer, this made the fundraiser more personal and on the home front of our local community. Dr. Toppi as a personal connection with all of her patients, which seems unmatched by most.

The CrossFit BearCat Community wholeheartedly dove in to raise money for her organization by providing workouts to the community and members for a small donation. The workouts know as “PINK WOD Wednesday” were open to the public.  While the fitness center is relatively small in comparison to most (45 in memberships), they are big with helping raise money for a cause touched by many.